For a beautiful smile – travel axes for millhouse

millhouse GmbH, headquartered in the Frankfurt region, is known for its innovative manufacturing processes and systems that are developed in-house and are perfectly tailored to the dental industry and the needs of the customer. A modern technology center that manufactures semi-finished products, such as implants, crowns, false teeth, and bridges in a wide variety of materials and indications for dental technicians.

  • Task

    Using state-of-the-art scanner systems at the dentist to digitalize dental molds: A dental lab can use CAD to draft individual parts with complex shapes and colors. The tooth implants are manufactured from the correct materials using a highly precise five-axis milling machine. A CAD/CAM system then determines the milling program, which can take several hours. The entire process is functional and also a major challenge in terms of aesthetics.

  • Solution

    Multiple racks of CNC machine cleaning stations are networked on a travel axis using a robot. Commands come from a master controller and dictate how the machine works. The robot supplies the machine with blanks and fishes the finished parts out of the machine once the manufacturing process is complete. The customer gets a new smile in the shortest possible time – and with a lifetime guarantee.

  • Conclusion

    An ambitious customer with a passion for developing meets a systems integrator with even more expertise. A great deal of passion and drive resulted in a robot cell without equal. The main driver behind the system was millhouse’s sophisticated software.

  • Special features

    • Linear-axis robot
    • CAD/CAM interfaces
    • Countless possibilities in terms of shapes and materials are processed automatically
    • The dentist takes an impression on Monday; the new crown is inserted on Wednesday
    • Data consistency ensures that every customer gets the right tooth

Nick Koch, CEO / Sales

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