Highspeed Pick'n Place Pralinen

At the chocolate manufacturer Chocolat Frey in Buchs Switzerland runs a fast and reliable packaging line for pralines. With the help of eleven robots, chocolates are picked and place into different blisters along a fast-running conveyor. After many years of successful production, the old robots run out of date.

Robotec Solutions AG has upgraded the robot-system with a new generation Stäubli TS2-80 Scara with integrated Cognex vision and dual line tracking system.

  • Challenge

    The challenge of the project lies in the fact that both the feeding belt for the chocolates and the main belt for the blister transport are constantly in motion. The chocolates must therefore be positioned precise in the blister at full speed. Depending on the praline, a cycle rate of up to 70 pralines/min is targeted.

    Another tricky part is to integrate the new robot into the existing line.

  • Solution

    The blister conveyor belt and the praline infeed belt each have an encoder. This allows the position of the blister and the chocolates to be line-tracked precisely. The high-resolution Cognex camera, mounted on top of the infeed belt, is able to detect the position of the chocolates quickly and accurately. All systems are connected over high speed Ethernet lines to meet the ambitions cycle times.

  • Conclusion

    Although the integration of a single robot into the existing plant means a certain amount of extra work and good planing, it has been worth it. The employees at Chocolat Frey were able to gain valuable experience with the new Stäubli robot.

    The system's ease of operation and reliability convinced everyone involved within a very short time.

  • Special features

    • double line tracking (2 conveyors simultaneously)
    • Food environment
    • Integration into an existing setup
    • fast 70 picks / min

Nick Koch, CEO / Sales

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