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Fischer Connectors, headquartered in Lausanne, develops and manufactures plug connectors for applications that demand maximum precision and reliability. For example, they make plugs with more than 50 gold contacts – and this is just one of thousands of different plugs that they produce.Watch the case live

  • Challenge

    Due to an increase in production capacity coupled with a growing range of different connectors, the company was looking for new assembly machines. The equipment at Fischer needed to be retooled up to five times a day. This required a reliable, quick, and flexible solution.

  • Solution

    First and foremost, we clarified Fischer’s complex requirements before building a state-of-the-art robot solution: an assembly system with a custom designed feeder, multiple vision systems, servo presses and high-precision axes transforms complexity into simple operation. The system can be retooled in just a few minutes by pushing a button and making a few manual adjustments. The smart human-machine interface (HMI) allows the operator to teach in new plug creations.

  • Conclusion

    The first system was so successful that the company now has four robot cells in operation 24/7. With more than 700 robots installed in countless applications, this is one of the most complex systems we have ever implemented.

  • Special features

    • Wizard-guided HMI
    • Easy to retool and expand
    • Seven cameras are used to guide movements and choose processes
    • Purely electric: 20 servomotors with an encoder for maximum precision
    • Changeover time under three minutes
    • More than 6,000 different items

Nick Koch, CEO / Sales

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