Motor PCBs assembly – working around the clock

Building air conditioning systems require a large number of actuators for HVAC applications. Our long-standing partner Wild & Küpfer AG develops, produces, and assembles high-precision plastic parts and assemblies for these types of applications. The Swiss family-owned high-tech company with more than 170 employees was an early adopter of robot-supported automation systems from Robotec Solutions.

  • Task

    Precise plastic parts from Wild & Küpfer’s in-house injection molding plant are assembled with small electric motors, gears, and PCBs to create assemblies. This task requires durability, precision, and stamina.

  • Solution

    Multiple robots work together with a rotary indexing table to complete a number of critical process steps 24 hours a day. Cardboard boxes are used to transport the housing to and from the system. They are moved to and from the robots using stacked belts. The robots carry out sorting, positioning, pressing, and monitoring steps in all in a matter of seconds. The finished assemblies are inspected outside of the cell, packaged, and shipped to construction sites around the world for final assembly.

  • Conclusion

    Stacked belts with robots and vision systems allow for functionality and a high level of autonomy with a small footprint and little hardware required. Paired with a rotary indexing table, the system functions as a compact automation cell. The multitasking industrial robot is the key component of this system.

  • Special features

    • Multiple process steps in an extremely compact space
    • Difficult parts removal from cardboard boxes using robots/vision
    • Autonomy thanks to stacked belts
    • Energy-efficient system thanks to purely electric drives

Nick Koch, CEO / Sales

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