Clean and tidy: extraction of cleanroom Injection molding

At Flex Precision Plastics Solutions, medical technology parts of exceptional quality are manufactured in clean room conditions in three-shift operation. Today, the company, formerly RIWISA, which is located in Hägglingen in the canton of Aargau, is part of the global FLEX Group, which has 250,000 employees at more than 300 locations around the world.

  • Task

    Extraction of injection-molded parts, with or without inserts, is an application that is predestined for industrial robot technology. Various injection-molded parts can be unloaded from equipment made by machinery producers such as Engel, Netstal, or Arburg in 10-second cycles. The parts must be extracted, tested, and stacked and packaged in a clean, sterile environment.

  • Solution

    A robot that is located next to or above the injection mold generally removes the parts at multiple points from a complex plastic injection mold. These parts are turned by the gripping technology, separated from the sprue, and cleanly placed in the downstream testing stations. In the final step, the parts are safely stored in stable packaging trays. The testing stations can be equipped with vision, high-voltage, and leak-detection systems. All systems comply with the clean-room requirements and are documented and certified in accordance with GMP.

  • Conclusion

    In order to meet the project’s strict requirements, Robotec Solutions only used high-quality products. The approach to finding a solution was based on many years of experience and the solution was designed together with the customer. Robots, grippers, and software are always at the heart of these types of systems. We develop and build all of the system assemblies – this allows us to offer our customers a streamlined, harmonious solution. Our in-house expertise simplifies the validation process and guarantees up to 20 years of support and spare parts availability.

  • Special features

    • Precise extraction and many additional process steps
    • Numerous degrees of freedom thanks to six-axis robot technology
    • Clean-room design
    • V-model certification
    • CE approval

Nick Koch, CEO / Sales

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