Educate professionals to ensure a high productivity level

Robots are proven machines in a wide variety of applications. Operating and programming requires specialist knowledge and practice.


Robot operation courses

Even though our systems are user friendly, there are a few important points to keep in mind when handling robots. In our robot operation courses, we offer you practical, tailored lessons to prepare you for the latest robot requirements in live operation. At our production facility in Seon, we show you exactly which mistakes to avoid from day one so that you can achieve the greatest possible value appreciation with your system.


System training on location

We are also happy to come to your plant or offices and show you the right way to operate your system. Our training courses are individually tailored to your system, your questions, and your needs in terms of content and length, and offer you comprehensive, in-depth practical knowledge for all eventualities. After completing our training courses, you and your employees will be well-trained and highly qualified in terms of handling robotic systems – ensuring the best results from your automation solution.

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