Autoinjector assembly – a unique production concept

The pharmaceuticals industry is currently in a state of upheaval – large production volumes and blockbuster products will soon become a thing of the past. One of the largest Swiss manufacturers in the pharma industry was therefore looking for new production concepts to replace traditional production methods for autoinjectors.

  • Task

    Complex, resource-intensive, and high-maintenance carousel systems were to be replaced by small, networked modules. Furthermore, the entire value chain from the warehouse all the way to packaging was to be networked with conveyor technology or mobile robots (AIVs).

  • Solution

    In order to allow for production of a batch size of 1, all of the processes needed to be overhauled. All production processes will be coordinated via a central supervisory control and data acquisition system (SCADA), which is connected to the customer network. All components that are used for a batch need to be prepared centrally in a carrier in a preparation cell. Next, the carriers are transported to the respective assembly modules where the assemblies are pre-assembled, checked, and completed.

    After assembly and the corresponding quality controls, the autoinjectors are labeled and packed in the final packaging in the last step. AIVs are used for transport between the various modules. These robots are the key to freely scalable and flexible manufacturing solutions for the future.

  • Conclusion

    Thanks to our combined know-how in the areas of software architecture, control, and robotics, we were able to create a unique production concept that is able to meet future requirements in all respects.

  • Special features

    • Master controller for the entire production process
    • Modular, freely scalable design
    • Integration of camera systems for quality control

Nick Koch, CEO / Sales

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